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Convincing a Loved One to Attend Rehab

Going to rehab is a life-changing decision for anyone. Convincing a loved one to attend rehab though, can seem like a daunting and impossible task. There are some pointers that can be given that could potentially make the topic of rehab more approachable and potentially help with having a positive outcome. Understanding how to approach a loved one, and effectively communicate on the topic can help in the quest to get them the vital help that they need.

Research the Effects of Addiction

Knowing how addiction can affect someone can be beneficial in the attempt to get them help. Education on the topic can help someone understand what their loved one is enduring and approach the topic and situation with empathy and understanding. Convincing a loved one to attend rehab is not an easy task. From denial to aggression, it can be an extremely sensitive topic that someone should be educated about before approaching their loved one. Having the knowledge about how addiction affects them and their ways of thinking can help to make the task easier.

Communicate with Empathy and Firmness

When a loved one is struggling with addiction, it can seem as though they don’t care. The reality is, that they probably care more than loved ones may think. They are struggling with a monster and more than likely being extremely hard on themselves as a result. Approaching them and communicating in an empathetic way can pave the way for them to get proper care. Being sensitive to what they are going through, voiding judgemental statements and attacks, and working with them, as a team, can be beneficial in convincing a loved one to attend rehab

Have an Intervention

Professional interventions can have a huge impact on convincing a loved one to attend rehab. Addiction professionals are trained to help those who are struggling to come to terms with the fact that they need help. They are also trained in helping loved ones to approach them in a productive manner. The professional addiction interventionist can assist in guiding the family and friends involved as they approach their loved one. This can help to ensure a less explosive situation, paving the way for a productive and successful conversation.

Understand How Denial Impacts Decision to Attend Rehab

Denial is a huge part of addiction. Often, those who are struggling with addiction are in denial of the severity of the impacts that addiction is having on them and their life. Understanding that this denial of severity can lead them to believe they don’t need to go to rehab can help prevent frustrations and, inevitably, a breakdown in communication. Having productive communication can make the task of getting a loved one help a lot easier. 

Anticipate and Prepare for Common Barriers to Going to Rehab

There are always reasons that people give as to why they cannot go away to a rehab program. Being properly prepared with rebuttals to these barriers can help when convincing a loved one to attend rehab. While these barriers may seem impossible to overcome, having a realistic and rational plan in place to address them can help the addicted loved one feel heard and understood. It can also help the friends and family of the person that is struggling to approach their loved one with a solution, rather than ultimatums.

Seek Therapy for Yourself if Necessary

Therapy is sometimes a necessary starting point for those who are convincing a loved one to attend rehab. Addiction is a family disease, it doesn’t just affect the person using drugs and alcohol. The impacts of watching a loved one slowly deteriorate as a result of drug and alcohol abuse can be detrimental to family and friends. They must take care of themselves in order to be able to address their addicted loved ones in a positive and productive manner. 

Attend Family Therapy/Family Support Groups

Family therapy and family support groups can help to create further understanding. When loved ones are able to hear that they aren’t alone in the things they are dealing with, it helps them to find a positive support group that can help as they continue on the journey. Convincing a loved one to attend rehab can be physically and mentally draining. Having proper and consistent support to help walk someone through inevitably distressing situations is crucial to being able to support and encourage their loved ones to seek help. 

Getting Better in Louisville, KY

Standing by and watching as a loved one slowly deteriorates as a result of struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol can be difficult for anybody. The impacts that addiction has on an individual can be severe, and lead to changes that can be detrimental to their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, there is hope for a better life. Louisville Addiction Center can help. We offer an approach to treating addiction that can help an individual begin living a normal and productive life that can have healthy results.

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