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Benzodiazepine Rehab Louisville

When a person is addicted to benzodiazepines, their whole world may feel like it is coming to an end. Benzodiazepines are a family or type of prescription drugs with highly addictive properties. As benzodiazepine abuse becomes more and more commonly widespread nationwide, even more households are feeling the effects of the epidemic.

Fortunately, Louisville Addiction Center is here to help. With a knowledgeable staff of professionals dedicated to successful recoveries, we have the tools necessary to help a person or their loved one heal from benzodiazepine addiction once and for all

What Are Benzodiazepines?

Benzodiazepines are a family of pharmaceutical medications. They are often prescribed in the treatment of forms of anxiety disorder, insomnia, seizures, muscle tension, and sometimes to assist with withdrawal.

As a depressant, benzodiazepines work to relax the central nervous system and lower its functions. While they are often obtained legally, benzodiazepines have a strong reputation for abuse. In fact, many of those who end up dependent on benzodiazepines start out with a legitimate prescription. 

Like many opiates, doctors often prescribe benzodiazepines with a limited prescription for legitimate medical use. However, even during the short period of time that a prescription may last, this period is often enough to get a person addicted.

This often leads to those who once had a legitimate prescription seeking out the drug illegally in order to quell their withdrawal symptoms. This then leads to a self-destructive cycle of addiction.

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Are Benzodiazepines Addictive?

In short, yes benzodiazepines are highly addictive. The key ingredient in a family of pharmaceuticals that includes brand names like Xanax and Valium, benzodiazepines have a reputation for being habit-forming, highly addictive substances.

As a person becomes more and more addicted to benzodiazepines, their tolerance begins to rise. This often leads to users taking more and more benzodiazepines in order to get the same effects that they once got from only a small dosage. As a result, this leads many to accidentally overdose as they chase a stronger and stronger high and use more and more of the drug at one time.

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Addiction and co-occurring disorders don’t have to control your life. Louisville Addiction Center is waiting with open arms to give you the tools necessary for lasting change. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Are Benzodiazepines Dangerous?

Recent years have seen a stark rise in both hospitalizations and deaths as a result of benzodiazepine abuse. Additionally, the rise in fentanyl distribution across the United States has only served to exacerbate this issue.

While fentanyl is a synthetic opiate, many distributors who illicitly deal drugs will cut their products, even benzodiazepines, with fentanyl in order to get the most out of their product.

This results in an even more dangerous “street market” where users could overdose with any given use as they have no idea what they are really using. Even still, without the added danger that fentanyl cutting produces, benzodiazepines can be dangerous enough on their own. 

As a central nervous system depressant, benzodiazepines slow down many major bodily functions. This can lead to a slow or stopped heart, difficulty breathing, suffocation, and other dangerous side effects. While many pharmaceutical companies say benzodiazepines as a safer alternative to opiates, this is not necessarily the case.

Both drugs are highly potent, highly addictive, and highly dangerous, and should be treated as such. Nevertheless, knowing the dangers of benzodiazepines is the first step in successfully combating abuse.

Signs and Symptoms of Benzodiazepine Addiction

Knowing how to spot the signs and symptoms of benzodiazepine addiction can help a person better recognize attributes of abuse in themselves or their loved ones, and get them the help that they deserve.

While benzodiazepines have been known to affect people differently depending on external factors, there are a few key things to keep an eye out for.

Benzodiazepine addiction signs and symptoms may include but are not limited to:

  • Drowsiness
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of interest in once-enjoyed activities
  • Anxiety
  • Blurred vision
  • Insomnia
  • Risky or drug-seeking behaviors
  • Nodding (appearing to slip in and out of consciousness)
  • Doctor shopping/constant switching 
  • Slurred speech
  • Appearing intoxicated 
  • Decreased performance in work or school
  • Pulling away from friends and family

While this list is not exhaustive, many of those who are experiencing benzodiazepine addiction will exhibit several of the aforementioned attributes.

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

Like any major controlled substance, benzodiazepine withdrawal can be quite difficult to cope with.

Those experiencing benzodiazepine withdrawal will likely encounter:

  • Mood swings
  • Panic attacks
  • Delirium
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Cravings
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Tremors

While withdrawal can be difficult, at Louisville Addiction Center, we make it our top priority to ensure that our clients are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process.

Through our MAT (medication-assisted treatment) services, we are able to give our clients relief through medically monitored and administered medications meant to lessen the discomfort sometimes felt during withdrawal. This tool, along with others, helps us to make the recovery process not only bearable but an enjoyable and life-changing journey for the better.

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How We Treat Benzo Addiction at Louisville Addiction Center

Aside from our MAT services, someone may be wondering what other services and programs help to set Louisville Addiction Center apart.

In addition to our medication-assisted treatments, we also offer the following: 

Family Therapy 

By involving one’s family in the recovery process, we are able to effectively strengthen familial bonds, build trust, and establish effective means of communication between family members.

Holistic Therapy

Our holistic therapy program focuses on treating the whole person in all aspects of life. By treating one’s mind, body, and soul, we are better able to get to the core of addiction.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma therapy focuses on treating traumatic life events and experiences that affect the mental well-being of our clients. This may include EMDR, CBT, and exposure therapies, as well as the development of appropriate coping mechanisms.

12-Step Recovery Program

Our comprehensive 12-Step program can help with the development of structure and self-discipline, tools vital to the recovery process. Additional aftercare services further serve to strengthen treatment and positively impact recovery.

Recover from Benzo Addiction Today in Louisville, KY

Here at Louisville Addiction Center, we have the tools necessary to help you reclaim your independence from benzodiazepine addiction. At Louisville, we know how destructive dependency can be to a person’s life.

We also know that through effective, evidence-based treatment, successful recovery can be achieved, leading to a lifetime of personal well-being. Do not hesitate any longer to reclaim your independence from addiction.

Contact our admissions team today, and take the first steps in your journey to lasting recovery.

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Addiction and co-occurring disorders don’t have to control your life. Louisville Addiction Center is waiting with open arms to give you the tools necessary for lasting change. Reach out to us today to learn more.