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How Do I Pay For Rehab?

Finances and paying for rehab are often a barrier to those getting the help that they need and want. There are options available to help through this process. If someone is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, the top priority should be getting proper help, and getting healing. The different ways that rehab could be paid for can assist in creating a solid foundation to begin a life in recovery and healing from the traumas addiction can cause.

Paying for Rehab

Medical care can be an expensive undertaking, and paying for rehab can also come with a high cost. This is why knowing the options available for someone who so desperately needs help can help them get the care they want. Many rehab centers work with potential clients to provide them the opportunity to get better and heal from addiction.

Federal/Government Assistance

Government assistance is available for paying for rehab. Knowing the resources for this in any given area can help those who need it find help. A quick Google search can provide answers to options for this. This can help to allow those who need help to receive proper care as they decide to end drug and alcohol addiction and begin the healing process. 

Free Rehab

There are also free rehabs available throughout the country. These facilities are generally funded through local government and funding through donations. The space is very limited and there is often a waitlist to be able to receive care from them. Again, a Google search should be able to provide a list of these free rehabs when researching how someone would be paying for rehab. 


There are available grants that could be sought out through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). SAMHSA is an organization that strives to provide resources for both mental health and substance abuse issues. They afford the opportunity to seek out a grant to help when wondering how someone would be paying for rehab and help with covering the expenses that could incur as a result of needing help. The purpose of this is to provide care to a wider range of people who may need help in order to overcome addiction. 

Private Payments

Those who have the financial means have the option of paying for rehab with private payments. This option is usually a set rate that a rehab center has set. In order to know what this would be, calling and asking about the options available for private payments is the best option. Reaching out and asking what a private pay rate and the length of time it could cover would be beneficial to anyone who has the means and capability of using this option.

Payment Plans/Credit

Paying for rehab with payment plans or credit can help those who need it, but cannot privately pay for a rehab out of pocket all at once. Smaller monthly payments could be an option that could help those who need it get the proper help for themselves or a loved one. Again, reaching out and asking about paying for rehab in this manner would get the best answers to any questions an individual may have.

Insurance Coverage

The best option for paying for rehab is to use any private insurance. Whether it is through work or through the health insurance marketplace, most insurance policies have coverage to treat addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as mental health. Due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it is a government requirement for all insurance companies to offer an option for substance abuse coverage. This makes access to alcohol and drug addiction help more widely available so that someone who needs the help can actually receive it. 

Anyone who is looking for help to heal from addiction and has a private insurance policy can find out exactly what a specific policy would cover by calling and asking. If that seems to be overwhelming as wondering how someone could be paying for rehab often is an overwhelming process, any center can do a quick verification and be able to give the details of any given policy. 

Someone at this point often is struggling with drugs or alcohol and is wondering what they can do. Help is just a phone call away. Reaching out and talking to someone who can give details on how paying for rehab is possible and helping to provide understanding on the possible option can bring understanding on the best way to receive proper help.

Healing From Addiction

When struggling with addiction, how to pay for rehab shouldn’t stop someone from receiving the help they need and want. Addiction is a life-altering illness and getting better is the top priority. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, there is help. At Louisville Addiction Center in Kentucky, we offer options to those who are seeking help for alcohol and drug addiction. Our team of professionals can help to guide you through the process of ending drug and alcohol use and finding recovery.

Contact us today and begin your journey of recovery.