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What Are the Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)?

Struggling with substance abuse or mental health is something that impacts the lives of a significant amount of people on a daily basis. Knowing PHP benefits can help when it comes to getting better. Proper professional help makes a huge difference in overcoming these struggles. A partial hospitalization program (PHP) can make a huge difference in the lives of individuals who find themselves in this predicament. Understanding PHP and how it works is crucial to making a decision to attend one.

PHP Overview

Partial hospitalization programs, or PHP, are an outpatient level of care used in the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders. PHP benefits include intensive and structured care without requiring overnight stays. This level of care is suitable and beneficial for individuals who need the care PHP provides, but don’t require the 24/7 supervision that inpatient levels of care provide.

At this level of care, clients receive therapy, counseling, and medical attention during designated hours. During PHP, clients can return to a supportive and sober living home environment at night. PHP benefits individuals who are stable but still in need of treatment for addictions and mental health.

PHP vs IOP vs OP

When it comes to outpatient treatment, there are several levels of care. PHP, IOP, and OP are viable options for those who have become stable. PHP benefits individuals who need a little more care, as it provides more in-depth therapeutic options and occurs more often than IOP and OP. Intensive outpatient programs, or IOP, provide the same structured care as PHP, on a less frequent basis.

Outpatient programs (OP), similar to IOP, provide the same therapies and support that PHP offers, but on an even less frequent basis. IOP and OP programs are more beneficial for individuals who have been stabilized and are able to maintain recovery with less support and supervision. 

Benefits of PHP

PHP benefits can outweigh the less intensive forms of outpatient like IOP and OP. Because PHP provides care more frequently, individuals getting this form of help can address situations almost immediately. When life stressors occur, the individual has professionals to assist them in navigating the situations that arise. In addition, PHP can help individuals struggling with depression and anxiety, trauma, and substance use disorders. 

PHP Cost Benefits

PHP benefits include lower-cost treatment. As an outpatient and less intensive level of care, the cost is significantly lower than the inpatient alternatives. It can help individuals who are seeking help, but may not be able to financially swing the higher costs of inpatient care. They are still able to receive much-needed and beneficial care to combat mental health and addiction disorders, while not becoming financially strained. 

Schedule Benefits

Those seeking help should understand that PHP benefits individuals who have careers and families to take care of. Because treatment in a PHP program occurs during designated time frames, the individual attending can maintain employment and continue to provide for their family while still healing and growing. One of the main barriers to people receiving the care they need is their schedule. From work and school to spouses and children, PHP offers these individuals the care they need with little interruption to their schedule.

PHP Treatments

Attending a PHP program provides much-needed care to the individuals who need it. Therapy, counseling, and support help these people to find their footing in recovery. The different therapies offered in PHP benefits the individuals seeking help to find and maintain recovery from their struggles.

Family Therapy

Partial hospitalization programs help individuals to repair relationships within their family unit by offering family therapy. Family therapy is a safe space to address and begin healing from issues that addiction and mental health causes. Being able to address and move past these problems is vital for the individual seeking help, as so often the friction that their condition has caused leads them to feeling shameful and guilty. This shame and guilt only perpetuates their struggles.

Group Therapy

Group therapy in PHP benefits the individual to be able to relate to others and know they are not alone. They can understand that their struggles are not unique, and hearing how others have overcome the same situation can give them guidance.

Individual Therapy

Not everyone feels comfortable sharing their deepest and darkest secrets in a group setting. This is why one on one, or individual, therapy can benefit someone in PHP. The professional they speak with can help guide them as they go through the thoughts and feelings surrounding their experiences, so they can begin to heal and grow.

Commit to PHP 

PHP is a positive step for individuals who find themselves struggling. It can help begin the process of healing and growth. At Louisville Addiction Center, our PHP program offers a safe, healing, and stable environment for those seeking recovery from substance abuse and mental health to find it. Our team of on-staff, trained professionals helps guide these individuals as they begin their healing journey. If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help.

Reach out today and take the first step to a happier and healthier lifestyle.