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Opioid Withdrawal, Timeline and Risks

June 9, 2023
As a national epidemic, opioid addiction is claiming the lives of thousands of Americans each year. Many people fear stopping using these dangerous drugs due…

How Do I Pay For Rehab?

June 2, 2023
Finances and paying for rehab are often a barrier to those getting the help that they need and want. There are options available to help through this process…

What Is Trauma Therapy?

May 19, 2023
After experiencing a traumatic event, the body can cause some emotional responses to stimuli that it perceives as a threat. Trauma therapy is something that …

Five Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

May 12, 2023
Undergoing inpatient rehab is beneficial for those struggling with drugs and alcohol. The five benefits of inpatient rehab that can benefit an individual mak…

Signs Someone Is Abusing Prescription Drugs

May 5, 2023
The act of abusing prescription drugs is when the medication is used in a way not directed by the prescribing professional. This can mean taking more than pr…

How To Stop Enabling Someone With An Addiction

April 21, 2023
When a loved one is struggling with addiction, the natural response is to help make their situation better. But how is it possible to help and stop enabling …

MAT For Opioid Addiction

April 14, 2023
The opioid epidemic is affecting numerous people across the United States on a daily basis. In recent years, using MAT for opioid addiction has become increa…

Best Therapies for Addiction

April 7, 2023
When it comes to therapies for addiction there are so many different options out there, it can feel overwhelming. But which ones are the best? What do they e…

The Importance of a Daily Routine in Addiction Recovery

March 17, 2023
A daily routine in addiction recovery can be one of the most beneficial things that you can do when trying to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. For too lo…

The Benefits of 12-Step Meetings

March 10, 2023
Anyone who has successfully lived a life in recovery can tell you the benefits of 12-Step meetings. After all, addiction is a monster of a disease that’s sol…
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